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Steven Green


  • Associate Professor of International Politics, Faculty of Law, Toyo University

  • Deputy Director of the Center for Global Education and Exchange (CGEE)

  • Education: 

    • University of Wisconsin-Madison: ​Political Science and the German language

    • University of Virginia: Government and Foreign Affairs

    • University of Bonn (Germany): History and Philosophy

    • The University of Tokyo: Dissertation research in the Faculty of Law

Prof. Green was born and raised in the northern Midwest region of the United States. He has taught courses related to international politics at Oregon State University and the University of Cologne and has lectured on Japan’s military security and soft power at the University of Bologna.

At Toyo University Prof. Green is one of the founders of the Global Leaders Program (GLP) in the Faculty of Law. The aim of the GLP is to prepare law students for international careers in law, business and NGOs, among other fields. In his role at the CGEE, Prof. Green travels frequently to find opportunities to connect Toyo’s community to the world. He has played a key role in creating partnerships for student exchange between Toyo and universities in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America. 

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