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Our Vision

Model United Nations (MUN) is a comprehensive simulation of the United Nations aiming to introduce students to the work of the United Nations. MUN gives students the opportunity to represent a country in a simulated UN committee, during which participants assume a diplomatic role and engage in the replication of a topic that revolves around current pressing international issues. Because of this, a group of undergraduates from Toyo University has planned on establishing a MUN community. The team duly believes that founding the MUN community will be a good stepping stone in innovating through training students in a simulation of professional diplomat works.

Toyo University, founded by Dr. Enryo Inoue in 1887, has a long tradition and history. Toyo is one of the largest universities in Japan with more than 30,000 students. Toyo University traces its history back to a private institute of philosophy, the “Philosophy Academy”. The aim of Enryo’s philosophy education was not to train professional philosophers. Rather, it was to equip students with the “art” of honing their thoughts and mind, and the ability to apply knowledge and insights gained to new situations. Toyo University, despite going through a tumultuous history, has unfalteringly continued to preserve the educational principles of founder Enryo Inoue.

Inheriting Enryo’s spirit, TOYO.MUN seeks to be an open playground not only for people in local communities but also for students across the country, through committees dispatching services. As one of the thousands of MUN Community around the world, the Toyo MUN Community (TOYO.MUN) promises to provide unique opportunity and practice international relations, politics and economics in an interactive manner. Having a cosmopolitan academic environment here in Toyo University, the TOYO.MUN organizing committee views the upcoming conferences as the opportunity to connect students from a range of cross-cultural backgrounds together. Our team sincerely hopes that these dynamic, informative debates will not only serve academic and idea-exchanging purposes, but also serve as a platform for delegates to form meaningful connections and friendships.

TOYO.MUN is committed to providing structured platforms for exchanging new initiatives, encouraging a diversity of perspectives across cross-cultural backgrounds and vast geographic distances. We strive to be one of the most accessible and diverse conferences offered in the Japanese MUN community.

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