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Grand Theme Announcement

Ensuring Comprehensive Sovereign State Security in a Globalized World

The understanding of security has changed. From mere military capability for self-defense, the concept of “security” has evolved to comprise economic, food, health, energy independence as well as environmental stability.

Year 2022, marked by the COVID recovery and conflict in Ukraine, arduously challenged the capacities of Member States to respond to crises and timely address supply chain disruptions. Challenges were most evident in the food and energy sectors, instigated primarily by interconnectedness of global markets. 

The current setting calls for governments to re-calibrate their approach from over-reliance on global markets to increasing self-sufficiency and building resilience. 

The above-mentioned developments on the international arena inspired us to set “Ensuring comprehensive sovereign state security in a globalized world” as our grand theme. 

Toyo MUN 4.0 encourages future diplomats to come up with effective and innovative policies to respond to global food and energy crises. 

We hope that your exploration of this topic will be as intriguing and enriching as it is for our team. 


Good luck on your intellectual endeavors! 


TOYO MUN Virtual Conference 4.0 Organizing Committee

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