Grand Theme Announcement

Towards the Future for

Sustainable Development Diplomacy (SDD).

The reason why we chose this theme is that we agree that Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystems, and preserves natural resources for future generations.

The term "Sustainable Development Diplomacy"-(SDD) refers to the diplomacy that is sensitive to the three benefits of the Sustainability cited above. Sustainable Development Diplomacy promotes the cooperative spirit and prolongs diplomacy, including sustained effort and experimentation in the creation of the mutual interest and the resolution of bilateral or global problems. Sustainable Development Diplomacy is sometimes referred to as the 'new' diplomacy, 'inclusive' diplomacy, 'informal' diplomacy, or 'guerilla' diplomacy. 

In sustainable diplomacy, diplomats not only focus on the national interests but also raise doubts about their requirements and advise on where and how far they need to be modified. - In effect, the pursuit of sustainable diplomacy opens up a debate that diplomatic praxis is meaningless and unsustainable unless it simultaneously addresses both the domestic and foreign..."


The TOYO MUN Virtual conference 2022 will explore what SDD entails, how it is practiced, and what type of policy output it produces. We may find that SDD is Characterized by the emergence of new actors that were traditionally not prominent in diplomacy, a higher prevalence of new kinds of cooperation, and a more central place for knowledge and expertise.



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