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Grand Theme Announcement

Navigating Crisis: Lessons from the Past for the Path Forward

A year of continuous economic recovery, hot conflicts, shifts in political power within and across nations, technological revolution of generative AI, 2023 has brought up many crises that will need to be addressed in 2024.

For many, environmental concerns will clearly be at the top of the agenda. At the same time, shaping the direction of powerful new technologies that have the potential to bring both significant benefits and unprecedented harm will be a major cause for concern.

At TOYO MUN 2024, delegates will be prompted to turn to successfully resolved past crises and pave the path for problems of the new generation. Hence our theme: “Navigating Crisis: Lessons from the Past for the Path Forward.”. 

Toyo MUN 5.0 welcomes delegates from beginner to advanced backgrounds to join our diplomatic discourse, and encourages future diplomats to come up with effective and innovative policies to respond to global food and energy crises. 

We hope that your exploration of this topic will be as intriguing and enriching as it is for our team. 


Good luck on your intellectual endeavors! 


TOYO MUN Virtual Conference 5.0 Organizing Committee

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