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James Hunt


  • Lecturer, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Toyo University

  • Trained as a geologist in the United Kingdom

  • Bachelor and master degrees in Earth Sciences

  • M.A. in Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

  • Areas of interest: TESOL, multiliteracies, and communicative competence

At Toyo University, Mr. Hunt has been responsible for the English language skills curriculum. He teaches classes in Academic English, English for Study Abroad, Interpersonal Communication, Leadership Skills, Negotiation Skills, and Debate Skills. His objective in all of his classes is to provide the skills, encouragement and guidance to help students achieve their goals. 


Debate is a communicative process through which we can approach truth, through the critical examination of arguments and their rhetorical presentation. It is a valuable tool for developing critical thinking and effective communication skills. If you are new to debate and public speaking, do not worry. The Toyo Model United Nations is a great opportunity to practice among peers in a friendly and stimulating community environment.


Mr. Hunt hopes that students participating in the Toyo Model United Nations will have a memorable experience. The conference theme is complex, and will require great diplomacy, but with sincerity, resolve and good faith we can discuss this humanitarian emergency and learn a lot in the process.

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