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TOYO MUN Virtual Conference 2023
March 18, 12:30 PM JST

March 19, 10:00 AM JST 


Dear Esteemed Delegates, 

It is our absolute honour to invite you all to TOYO MUN Virtual Conference 4.0 on March 18 - 19, 2023, hosted by Toyo Model United Nations Community from Toyo University, Tokyo,  Japan. 


Not only is TOYO MUN one of the most accessible conferences offered in the Japanese MUN community, but is also a unique opportunity to practice international negotiations, politics and economics in an interactive manner. Having a cosmopolitan academic environment here at Toyo University, the TOYO MUN organizing committee views the upcoming conferences as the opportunity to connect students from a range of cross-cultural backgrounds together. Our team sincerely hopes that these dynamic, informative debates will not only serve academic and idea-exchanging purposes, but also serve as a platform for delegates to form meaningful connections and friendships. Therefore, it is our priority to ensure that the conference will be organized to the highest standards.

The Toyo Model United Nations Council has decided to once again host an online MUN Conference on March 18-19, 2023 via Zoom under the theme: “Ensuring Comprehensive Sovereign State Security in a globalized world”. Toyo Model UN Virtual Conference 4.0 seeks to be an open arena for both local communities and universities across the world to interact, network and collaborate. In connection with this, the Toyo Model United Nations Council partnered with the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) upon the realization on reaching more universities and delegates not just to Japan, but also around the world.

Toyo MUN Virtual Conference 4.0 aims to cater the following objectives:

  1. To be open opportunity for students to engage in co-curricular and academic activities;

  2. To introduce public speaking and diplomacy to the participants' profession and future career;

  3. To be able to empower students' social and civic well-being;

  4. To be open ground to enhance and/or establish meaningful relationship between students from around the globe;

  5. To be a platform to explore new points of view and apply them to a much wider scale.

In order to better equip our future delegates with detailed information regarding the basics of MUN in general and our community and the upcoming conference in particular, TOYO MUN 2023 Organizing Committee is pleased to present you the Delegate Handbook. In this guide, you will find an overview of committee structure, guidelines for writing an excellent Position Paper and Resolution Paper, and the newly revised Rules of Procedure. We also invite our delegates to consult the Committee Background Guide in your preparation in order to gain insight in your selected House Committee, its mandates and objectives as well as further research and guidelines in writing the papers. Delegate Handbook and Background Guide, written by our Guest Chairs, will soon be available online at our website.


Please prepare to engage in world-changing debates as you seize this amazing opportunity to participate in one of the top MUN conferences in Japan. In that spirit of partnership, we, Toyo MUN Organizing Committee,  offer out best wishes for our future delegates in TOYO MUN Virtual Conference 4.0, and look forward to welcome you in March!

TOYO.MUN 2023 Organizing Committee members,

Nagisa - Hien - Sitora - Yoana

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